Fitness Centre Eildon

The Taylor Bay Country club offers a fitness centre that is open to the Public on a casual or monthly fee, this facility is include in the price of accommodation for people who are staying at the Taylor Bay Country Club.

The Fitness centre is equipped with free weights, pin loaded machines, exercise bikes, cross trainer, speed ball, and punching bag. Personnel training is available , in a one on one or group sessions, along with program design and dietary advise.

Free 14 day trail membership is available

(conditions apply).
Although we are situated in Taylor Bay, we are the only fitness centre in Eildon region and the only fitness centre in Alexandra region.

We have an onsite personal trainer for those needing to take their fitness workout to the next level.

Whether you are looking for a personal trainer in Eildon or a personal trainer in Alexandra, there are many benefits to receiving professional training, such as:

Goal Achievement
Our personal trainer will helps you define your fitness goals. We will taking into account your fitness levels, assess your goals and custom develop a program for you.

Personlised Workout
Once we know your goals, our personalised workout plan will help you achieve your fitness goals.

The best way to do something it the right way. We will show you how to use each machine the correct way. Ensuring maximum fitness benefit, while minimising risk of injury.

On your own, this is very difficult. We are here to work along side you to keep you inspired and motived throughout your training journey.

Late night with friend, too cold, slept in - NO! We will hold you accountable.